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Current Projects

ACRE supports and represents RCAN members that facilitate Community Led Planning (CLP). A number of projects are currently being undertaken to this end.

Network support

Group of peopleACRE provides network support for approximately 80 RCAN practitioners who facilitate CLP. This includes the administration of an online discussion forum, contributions to regional meetings and the provision of a national conference each year which includes training and workshops about CLP.

The support provided by ACRE encourages innovation and the sharing of best practice between RCAN practitioners and improves the help communities can expect to recieve with CLP.

Community Led Planning Topic Sheets

ACRE is developing a suite of Topic Sheets for the new Community Led Planning Toolkit. The sheets introduce various topics that communities may wish to address when producing their plan. They consider the importance of the topic, suggest actions that can be taken at each stage of a plan, provide case studies and signpost to further information. All Topic Sheets are being developed with stakeholder organisations that have particular expertise in the Topic.

Exploring the linkages between Community Led Planning, Neighbourhood Planning and the Right to Build

ACRE is working with government and other stakeholders to make sure that rural communities benefit from Neighbourhood Planning and the Right to Build. In particular, we are drawing on our experience and knowledge of CLP to show how people can be supported to use these new rights. We want rural communities to be positive about the need for new development but believe this is best achieved when considered as part of the broader social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing and sustainability of a neighbourhood.

We are developing new resources that RCAN practitioners can use to support communities who want to secure new development for their area. These will be integrated with the existing Community Led Planning Toolkit.