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Over the Hill? launch new drama film

ACRE is a partner on Over the Hill? - the awareness-raising campaign about the issues of an ageing rural population. Led by Rural Media Company (the other partner is AgeUK), the Campaign has just launched a new 15 minute drama film aimed at the public about an urban couple considering new life in country. They soon find out that the prospects involved in rural living are not necessarily a bed of roses. The film along with other Campaign resources can be viewed on the Over the Hill? campaign website.

The Campaign has also researched and is promoting eight films featuring tried and tested solutions showing how community led approaches including the delivery of new housing, transport and advice services have enhanced the lives of older people in rural settings. These innovative approaches feature schemes from across England including Gloucestershire Village Agents and Esk Moor Caring in Yorkshire. The learning from this work is aimed mainly at policy makers and service providers. There will be a Parliamentary launch event for both sets of films on Wednesday, 16 May 2012.

For more information, please visit the Over the Hill? campaign section of the ACRE website.