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ACRE responds to Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) consultation

On Monday 10 October 2011, the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) released a consultation entitled Community Infrastructure Levy: Detailed proposals and draft regulations for reform. The consultation explored how a proportion of funds from new development raised through the CIL should be passed onto other bodies, including Parish Councils.

ACRE’s response welcomed the principle of local communities receiving money for local infrastructure improvement. We believe this will enable parish and town councils to respond to their very local priorities for the use of CIL, rather than be constrained by the local charging authority priorities for CIL across a wider areas. We also recommend that where communities are preparing to undertake a Community Led Plan or a Neighbourhood Plan, the relevant charging authority should encourage and support them to also consider where CIL receipts could be used to best effect to mitigate the impact of any development. This not only improves the collaborative nature of the decision-making within the community, but provides a clear linkage between accepting development and the resulting CIL monies.

To view ACRE’s response to the consultation, please visit the Consultation Responses section of the ACRE website.