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Neighbourhood Planning takes a step forward

ACRE welcomes the latest announcement from the Department for Communities and Local Government on taking forward Neighbourhood Planning which gives communities new powers to influence the future of their local area.

The announcement by Greg Clark, Minister for Decentralisation, included the release of an easy to understand guide to Neighbourhood Planning which will help communities prepare and make use of the new powers. In addition, a consultation has been put out for public comment, detailing the regulations that will govern the Neighbourhood Planning process.

This follows on from the government’s selection of approximately 110 ‘frontrunner’ communities that are being encouraged to prepare neighbourhood plans with the support of their local authority in advance of the Localism Act measures taking effect. The full list of participating communities can be viewed at the Department for Communities and Local Government website. A high proportion of the communities chosen are in rural towns and villages, each focusing on a number of areas that include affordable housing, housing for the elderly, broadband, transport and education.

For further information, please visit the Community Led Planning section of the ACRE website.