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Sustainable Communities

RCAN members work on diverse projects in relation to sustainable communities. These include toolkits that help communities and agencies to assess what really makes a rural settlement sustainable and new types of delivery that support services in a rural area.

Examples of our Network members work on rural sustainability

outdoor food market

Community Lincs - Rural Sustainablity Toolkit

Examining are the factors that make a rural community sustainable, The Rural Sustainablity Toolkit. It is the product of extensive research into current theory, policy and practice, combined with primary research in a number of Lincolnshire communities, the toolkit seeks to address this issue, and offers a radical new way of assessing the sustainability of rural communities.

Rural Community Council of Devon - A toolkit for sustainable rural communities

Published in 2008, the Devon Toolkit commissioned by a wide range or organizations including the Rural Community Council, to inform Local Development Frameworks, community planning and specifically the Devon Local Area Agreement 2008 – 2011.The work focussed on the question of 'how to make sure that rural communities thrive'.

Action with Communities in Cumbria (ACT) - a services exchange point to support services in rural areas

A shining example of effective community action in the face of the loss of rural services is the Exchange at Crosthwaite. The Guide describing how the Exchange was established and operates so that communities facing this challenge can copy their example. ACT has also developed a range of guides that support communities to set up an Exchange of their own.

Community First Wiltshire - Researching the parish economy as part of a Community Led Plan

This work on Local business activity research into the economy of the village led to increased awareness of local businesses, regular business breakfasts, a clearing house for local business services and increased community support for local businesses and services. Find out more about ACRE's work on Community Led Planning.

You can find more examples in ACRE's Policy Position Paper on Sustainable Communities

For more information, please contact Martin Hawkins, Housing, Transport and Services Officer.